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The Fear About PEPs

I am a proponent of multiple employer plans (MEPs) and the new change that will allow pooled employe...


The death of the department store should clue you in about business

Sears and Macys announced some massive store closings. The department store has been a business that...


The threat of plan disqualification

In the movie Casino, Robert Deniro’s character Lefty Rosenthal warns Joe Pesci’s character Nicky...


XFL 2.0: A Chance at redemption

Very few times in history after a huge disaster, do you get a second chance at making it right. Ther...


You can’t go negative

Growing up, I was a pessimist. I don’t why, but I let any little thing get to me and I realized th...


Change the neglected part of automatic rollovers with FPS

One of the most forgotten parts of a 401(k) plan is the automatic rollover and who the automatic rol...


You have to deal with schnorrers, but draw the line

One of my favorite Yiddish words is schnorrer. While it means beggar or sponger, it’s essentially ...


There is room for everyone

When fee disclosure regulations were implemented, there were a few industry chicken littles that sug...


401(k) plans increase savings

Investment Company Institute conducted a study that shows that 56% of Defined Contribution plan part...


Survivor at 40

My favorite show of all-time is Dallas and that lasted for 13 seasons, airing its final episode on m...