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Lawsuits against Fidelity piling on

With Fidelity being under fire for “shelf space payments” from mutual fund companies to appear o...


Klesko the guest in Atlanta

For That 401(k) Conference in Atlanta on April 12th, Bob Horner is a late scratch as our guest. He...


Roll them out

Having employees can get a bit messy. I know that from experience, having left a position or two tha...


Don’t let time take you out

Rocky Balboa explained to Adonis in the movie Creed, that he beat Apollo Creed for the heavyweight t...


One way to treat clients right, make them comfortable

Going to the movies was never fun. The theaters were dirty and if you arrived late, then you’d end...


The 401(k) match-student loan program is becoming a big thing, at least marketing wise

Ever since the Internal Revenue Service opined that one particular 401(k) plan could use matching co...


Principal in talks to acquire Well Fargo’s 401(k) Business

The word on the street is that Principal Financial Group Inc is in talks to acquire Wells Fargo &...


There will always be room for chocolate in this business

I had a friend of mind who was an advisor who was lamenting about the changing environment of the re...


When you have to cut a retirement plan provider client off

I always believe that the retirement plan business is a relationship-driven business. It’s also a ...


Ratings won’t last forever

When I first started out as an ERISA attorney working for a third party administrator in the late 90...