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The Legend of The Flintstones Tie

I was a first-year law student participating in moot court, just because all second-year students pa...


There are no sure things, there are opportunities

Every time I’ve spoken to other plan providers about sure things they are working on, all I later ...


Facebook and the need for validation

I’m on Facebook and I post more than I should. Yet, I try to avoid posting in the local community ...


The problem of a recordkeeping asset-based fee

A long time in a galaxy, far far away (the time before fee disclosure regulations), I talked to the ...


Trader Joe’s sued over their 401(k)

Two former employees of Trader Joe’s have sued the company alleging breaches of fiduciary duty...


RMD change points to a new normal

The required minimum distribution rule for both qualified plans and individual retirement accounts i...


M&T Settlement shows the problem of using proprietary funds

Plan sponsors with their proprietary funds have a unique problem. Using proprietary funds will lead ...


Dealing with Millennials has been a struggle so far

I was born in 1972 and aside from fashion, music, and interior decorating, I’m a fan of the 1970s,...


You have to have a plan

Imagine if Mark Zuckerberg hatched the idea for Facebook, yet all he did was talk about the site ins...


The biggest SECURE Act Change IMHO

The biggest change under SECURE Act is the treatment of long-time, part-time employees under your 40...