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The question of providing information

ERISA requires disclosure of certain plan documents to participants including a summary plan descrip...


What’s on tap for That 401(k) National Conference

As we get closer to 2020, some of the further details about That 401(k) National Conference will be ...


That 401(k) Conference hits Big D for Final 2019 event

That 401(k) Conference had its final 2019 event at the home of the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadiu...


Investment education is all about a process

Advisors ask me all the time of the role of education in participant-directed 401(k) plans. Particip...


The multiple loan problem

As a 401(k) plan sponsor, you need to know that plan errors happen all the time. A 401(k) plan has s...


Get those contracts reviewed

One of the biggest problems for my clients after they hire me is that they realize that they never b...


Make Sure The Census Information is Correct

I use the expression “garbage in, garbage out” if an end of year census report is done incorrect...


Invesco to settles lawsuit concerning their 401(k) plan

As I always say, being a mutual fund company with proprietary funds in their 401(k) plan makes them ...


EBSA recovers billions for participants

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) released its progr...


I will never understand a TPA asset based fee

I’m stubborn and there are just some things I don’t understand, so hear me out.   I got a c...