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Coverage Testing is a Big Deal

When you look at the problems of retirement plans, one that gets short shrift is coverage and that i...


IRS tells us what their priorities are

One great about the Internal Revenue Service is that they tell us what they’re up to. They will te...


AEW is showing what is wrong with the WWE

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) premiered on TNT earlier this month and while detractors scoff at their po...


The one article I won’t write

I write a ton of articles as you may know and I will have advisors contacting me and suggesting some...


You need a change of culture to change

Long term businesses in the retirement plan business don’t die overnight. It takes a very long tim...


Just another TPA error

Retirement plans with more than 100 participants require a CPA audit for their Form 5500. However, s...


There is a difference in my job

There are two major differences that I see in being an attorney when I worked for 9 years. for a thi...


The Retirement Plan Dentist

About 20 or so years ago, there was a medical report that dental plaque could cause heart disease. T...


That 401(k) Conference hits Foxborough

That 401(k) Conference had its first football-themed event at Gillette Stadium, home of the New Engl...


The theory of 401(k) peak litigation

I always loved the movie Donnie Brasco, it’s a great story about the non-glamorous side of organiz...