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The Bonus Headache

Bonuses are nice, I wouldn’t know because in the 11 years I was an employee, I got $300 for the ho...


Focus that a 401(k) is a benefit

I think the one thing that 401(k) plan sponsors really forget is that the plan is an employee benefi...


Watch about how much you spend on conferences

I was speaking to one the best 401(k) marketing gurus out there and when talking about my idea for a...


No big shock: happy clients don’t leave

Maybe it’s a simplistic approach when it comes to certain things, but I see things the way they ar...


TD Ameritrade to sell retirement plan assets to Broadridge

There is further consolidation in the retirement plan business as TD Ameritrade is selling its retir...


IRS changes EPCRS program, expands self-correction program

After annoying many plan sponsors and plan providers by increasing user fees for their voluntary com...


Introducing Thrive

Thanks to guidance on a particular 401(k) plan to allow matching contributions in a 401(k) plans to ...


Make sure you can actually sponsor that plan

It’s an odd mistake, but this is the third time I’ve had to handle it in the last 10 years: repr...


The Don’ts of LinkedIn

I think LinkedIn is one of the greatest tools out there that can be used to effectively grow your pl...


That 401(k) Conference has Atlanta outing

That 401(k) Conference, the fun regional 401(k) advisor event hosted an Atlanta event at SunTrust Pa...