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The theory of 401(k) peak litigation

I always loved the movie Donnie Brasco, it’s a great story about the non-glamorous side of organiz...


Make sure clients check plan document vs. practice

I’ve spent 21 years as an ERISA attorney and took some classes when I was getting my LLM and I lea...


They will always disappoint you

When I graduated from law school, it took a few months before I got my first job. So for the months,...


Let your providers do their job

If your financial advisor tells you that it’s time for the regularly scheduled meeting, don’t bl...


We’d all love to create our own MEP, but….

Thanks to renewed interest in. multiple employer plans (MEPs), I will always get the phone call from...


It’s a memory game

When having unique events to promote your business, I think you need to make it memorable because I...


Further consolidation in the TPA business by TRA

The Retirement Advantage, Inc. (TRA), a national third-party administrator (TPA)announced the acquis...


A self-directed brokerage account is still something to be wary of

I’m wary of self-directed brokerage account because I still concerned about the fiduciary issues, ...


Old loans can come back to bite you in an audit

There is nothing wrong with offering loans with your 401(k) plan. What will be wrong is if the progr...


The half-empty look from an IRS agent

As a plan sponsor being investigated by an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agent, there is one thing ...