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You need a change of culture to change

Long term businesses in the retirement plan business don’t die overnight. It takes a very long tim...


Just another TPA error

Retirement plans with more than 100 participants require a CPA audit for their Form 5500. However, s...


There is a difference in my job

There are two major differences that I see in being an attorney when I worked for 9 years. for a thi...


The Retirement Plan Dentist

About 20 or so years ago, there was a medical report that dental plaque could cause heart disease. T...


That 401(k) Conference hits Foxborough

That 401(k) Conference had its first football-themed event at Gillette Stadium, home of the New Engl...


The theory of 401(k) peak litigation

I always loved the movie Donnie Brasco, it’s a great story about the non-glamorous side of organiz...


Make sure clients check plan document vs. practice

I’ve spent 21 years as an ERISA attorney and took some classes when I was getting my LLM and I lea...


They will always disappoint you

When I graduated from law school, it took a few months before I got my first job. So for the months,...


Let your providers do their job

If your financial advisor tells you that it’s time for the regularly scheduled meeting, don’t bl...


We’d all love to create our own MEP, but….

Thanks to renewed interest in. multiple employer plans (MEPs), I will always get the phone call from...