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Business is cyclical

20 years ago, the hard liquor business was dying and microbreweries were the hottest thing. People m...


That 401(k) Conference in Cleveland Rocks

That 401(k) Conference hit Cleveland on September 20th at Progressive Field, home of the Indians. &n...


The future in litigation might be an arbitration provision

The fascinating part of ERISA litigations is the changing law and viewpoints. To combat the rising t...


Don’t bill for someone else’s work

You’ve got a lot on your plate as a retirement plan provider and the last thing you need is more h...


The Sample QDRO

  It’s funny in a sense that the people who should be most experienced with Qualified Domesti...


They’re tearing down OJC

In the Rod Serling show, Night Gallery, Serling wrote the episode: “They’re Tearing Down Tim Ril...


MIT folds in class action lawsuit

Kenny Roger’s “The Gambler” song has some great tips. You need to know when to hold ‘em, kno...


If you want it, ask for it

When I was a kid, I’d be passive-aggressive in the sense that I wouldn’t let people know how ups...


Just because they say they’re good, doesn’t make it so

If people pass on enough incorrect information out there, you start to believe it. When I worked at ...


The good old days for advisors are gone

In the good old days of participant-directed 401(k) plans, a good chunk of financial advisors did ve...