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The curse of social media

  I always say that social media helped build my career as an ERISA attorney. Without Linked an...


Student loan match legislation proposed

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) has reintroduced legislation that would permit 401(k), 403(b), SIMPLE and gove...


Don’t ask for trouble with plan provisions

One of my biggest tasks as an ERISA attorney is helping plan sponsors out with voluntary compliance ...


What you can learn from the AAF

The Alliance of American Football (AAF) tries to be a spring football league that would act as a fee...


Great service doesn’t justify over inflated fees

I’m a loyal customer and always have been. I’ve always been reluctant to change especially when ...


Dark Side of the Ring is Must See TV

’ve been a professional wrestling fan since I was 10. To be a fan was in my blood as both of my gr...


BB&T settles 401(k) lawsuit

With a planned merger with SunTrust, BB&T tied up a loose end by agreeing to a $24 million settl...


The Retireholi(k)s to appear at That 401(k) National Conference

When I was working at the semi-prestigious law firm, I was castigated by the managing attorney (Sorr...


The things about awards

You will hear about how certain retirement plan providers have won awards. Awards are impressive, bu...

Jean Doumanian, producer of "Saturday Night Live".

Don’t shake it up so quickly

After Lorne Michaels left with the original cast of Saturday Night Live in 1980, they hired Jean Dou...