Whether there will be a vaccine for COVID-19 by the beginning of 2021 or not, the fact is that travel to national conferences are going to be curtailed for most of us.

That is why the decision to transform That 401(k) Conference to That 401(k) National Virtual Conference that much easier. On Thursday and Friday, January, 21, 2022, we will host a national virtual event. We will have our celebrity guests too, just no food for you (sorry, deliveries would be hard).

With less cost involved with a virtual conference, the savings is passed off to attendee and sponsors. Out top sponsorship is $2,500 and the early rate attendee price is $20.21 (ending Thanksgiving) and the VIP attendee price (for those who want personalized autographs from our guests) is $120.21. The Early Bird Star is $140.21 with all the perks of a VIP and a conference t-shirt too. These attendee prices will substantially increase after Thanksgiving.

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