Some Star Wars fans need to grow up

I always mention the story of how my aunt would romanticize about life in Israel in the 1950s. Life there in those days ...


Class action lawsuit isn’t the only fear

Plan sponsors will say it all the time: they are too small to be sued in a class action lawsuit. That may be true, but a...


2017 was a banner year for 401(k) plans

An analysis by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) shows that 2017 was a banner for 401(k) plan account balan...


Netflix’s biggest competitor is right around the corner

I’ve been a fan of Netflix since 2000 when I noticed this little postcard that was in the box of my first DVD player t...


Plans should get rid of those forfeitures

Forfeitures that occur when people terminate service from retirement plans is usually a problem when the plan sponsor an...


HUB enters the RIA space and it makes sense

CVS just announced they are buying Aetna and a sign of further consolidation in the health care industry. We see consoli...


The Problem With Multiple Loans

When drafting new 401(k) plans, I always recommend allowing for a loan provision. I know there are quite a few plan prov...