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DOL releases new e-disclosure rule

The Department of Labor (DOL) proposed a new rule to allow retirement plan disclosures to be posted ...


Vanderbilt University settles 403(b) lawsuit for $14.5 million

In the wave of litigation against universities for their 403(b) plan, there were several victories b...


A useless statistic on Target Date Funds

I’m not a big fan of target-date funds and that bias goes back to the implosion of the stock marke...


That 401(k) Conference will hit St. Louis in 2020

That 401(k) Conference has booked its first regional conference in 2020.   That 401(k) Conferen...


The lesson of Ken Fisher

Ken Fisher of Fisher Investments is facing almost $2 billion of withdrawals from his firm as a resul...


That last button on your 401(k) plan

As an attorney, I hate dressing up. If I could wear a Mitchell and Ness sports jersey to meetings an...


If you’re consistently losing clients, look in the mirror

There is always that line that you’re hired to be fired. No matter how great you are as a plan pro...


Don’t let your business become an HR headache

It’s 2019 and lets face facts: behavior that might have been tolerated in the 1970s and 1980s aren...


The Legend of the Korean Fish Store

I grew up in Brooklyn and the area I originally lived in is called Midwood and I lived right off a s...


The self-correcting problem of late deferrals

When the 5500s are due and audits have to be completed, there is always an issue regarding late defe...