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You can’t go negative

Growing up, I was a pessimist. I don’t why, but I let any little thing get to me and I realized th...


Change the neglected part of automatic rollovers with FPS

One of the most forgotten parts of a 401(k) plan is the automatic rollover and who the automatic rol...


You have to deal with schnorrers, but draw the line

One of my favorite Yiddish words is schnorrer. While it means beggar or sponger, it’s essentially ...


There is room for everyone

When fee disclosure regulations were implemented, there were a few industry chicken littles that sug...


401(k) plans increase savings

Investment Company Institute conducted a study that shows that 56% of Defined Contribution plan part...


Survivor at 40

My favorite show of all-time is Dallas and that lasted for 13 seasons, airing its final episode on m...


The Safe Harbor Change for Non-Electives is Big

The SECURE Act created much-needed change to the safe harbor non-elective contributions, making it m...


The beneficiary form and the need for no drama

As a plan sponsor, you need to make sure that participant beneficiary forms are up to date. It’s n...


Baseball season is almost here, as well as That 401(k) Conference

  Now that the Super Bowl is done, that means baseball season is upon us. So if baseball season...


SECURE Act bring the annuity things back

I’m not a fan of annuities, especially in 401(k) plans. Yet, it seems that the insurance industry ...