Keep Politics and Your Business Apart

We’re closing in on Election Day and no matter what side you’re on, you have to admit that it’s one of the most divisive elections in recent memory. So I’m shocked when I see professionals post their political diatribes on LinkedIn or other business avenues that clients, potential clients, and business partner can see.

Now everyone is entitled to their political opinion and proudly support their candidate, but politics shouldn’t get in the way of being a retirement plan provider. It’s so hard to be a retirement plan provider especially when dealing with potential plan sponsor clients who already have barriers up because they don’t think anything is wrong with their plan. The last thing you need to do is throw up another barrier because the potential client plays on the other political side.

Politics is a lot like religion. There’s nothing wrong with having a certain view, but you’re never going to change anyone’s mind by debating it. So it’s best to keep your political views to your personal Facebook page so business partners and potential partners don’t have to see your political views and get so offended because they are diametrically opposed to you.

So whether you’re supporting Trump or Clinton or someone else, that’s wonderful that you are part of the democratic process, but your views have no role in the process of being a retirement plan provider.

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