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Pick up the phone

I always say one of the main reasons that a provider gets fired is when the plan sponsor feels that ...


The New Fiduciary Rule is Dead, Jim

In a move that should shock no one, the Department of Labor (DOL) pretty much left the fiduciary rul...


The DOL is still targeting late deferrals

It should be the simplest thing to do, yet so many plan sponsor fails to do it. What I’m talking a...


That 401(k) Conference debuts at Citi Field

The crazy idea of starting another 401(k) Advisor Conference plus adding some unique elements made i...


The Plan Sponsor may not see how great you are

Aside from my children and my wife, my favorite person of all-time was my grandmother Rose. She was ...


You see how large 401(k) providers can treat their employees

I love Clint Eastwood movies and one favorite is “In The Line of Fire’.  John Malkovich is play...


Tell your TPA what you’ve got

As a plan sponsor, you really need to let your third party administrator (TPA) what you have in term...


Learn to say no

I always believe that regardless of whether it’s business or in regular day-to-day life, that you ...


What Were They Thinking #51 The Arch Deluxe

When does a burger become a flop? When it costs $300 million, which is what the Arch Deluxe did. &nb...


Don’t shrug your shoulders

One of my pet peeves out there is when you give a list of complaints to a business or an organizatio...