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Stick to your price

The only bad thing about smartphones is when you have to shop for another one. So my wife and I went...


The lesson of Sam Adams

When I first started drinking beer, I hated it. Then again, when it came to the quality of it, it wa...


Cash balance is worth the discussion

When talking to a prospective client that deals with professional services or have deep pockets, itâ...


What annoys me on Facebook

  Facebook (FB) was a great thing back in the day. It gave me the opportunity to interact with ...


The worthlessness of sports autographs

As someone who enjoyed collecting autographs and meeting old ballplayers means that I have a son who...


That 401(k) Conference to hit Denver in June

I am very proud to announce That 401(k) Conference will emanate from Coors Field in Denver, Colorado...


What Were They Thinking #58 CBS sells the Yankees for $8.7 million

Sports franchise valuations are eye-popping ever since Steve Ballmer bought my Los Angeles Clippers ...


The problem with Facebook community newsgroups

I live on the south shore of Nassau County and I have been living in the same village since I moved ...


In memory of Marty Funkhouser/ Bob Einstein

With the death of Bob Einstein, we lost one of the great comedic writers of all time and we lose one...


Fees still are a big concern

Callan’s annual Defined Contribution Trends survey listed fees as plan sponsors’ main concer...