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There is a difference in the quality of service that TPAs offer

In any service industry, the quality of service and price can be far and wide. While people say that...


Advisors Need To Offer Education

Advisors ask me all the time of the role of education in participant directed 401(k) plans and it’...


Find those “missing” plan participants

Missing plan participants are usually only an issue when a retirement plan decides to terminate and...


Avoid the headache: Stick to what you know

Over the past 7 years as a solo ERISA practitioner, I always get asked if that’s all I do. It’s ...


What Were They Thinking #36 The Colbys isn’t a Dynasty

A television spin-off is where a new series is derived from an existing TV series. Usually it takes ...


Plan Providers and Plan Sponsors Can Still Lose By Winning

The news comes trickling in for 401(k) plan providers and plan sponsors beating back class action la...


Don’t get out of your level of comfort

I started this law firm about 17 years ago as a side project. It is where I could offer legal servic...


The greatest plan audit ever

For 18 years, I have been working on retirement plan audits. Either the plan was under examination b...


Jim Ross’ Autobiography is a Slobberknocker

When it comes to professional wrestling play-by-play man, there is Jim Ross and everyone else. Not o...


Grow your client’s plan assets

If you’re a financial advisor, more assets under management equal more money.  It’s pretty simp...