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The Film Series Contrarian

I’ve always felt like the outsider at times. I’m a Mets fan in a Yankees city and I’m not one ...


Social Media and Your Employees: It Could Be A Problem

I worked at a law firm and I wanted to build a National ERISA practice. Since the partners there wer...


Plans should get rid of those forfeitures

Forfeitures that occur when people terminate service from retirement plans is usually a problem when...


What Gal Gadot means to me

Months ago, I noticed that there would be a new sci-fi convention on Long Island called Ace Comic-Co...


HUB enters the RIA space and it makes sense

CVS just announced they are buying Aetna and a sign of further consolidation in the health care indu...


Another TPA joins Alliance Benefits Group

One of the great supermarkets in my area is ShopRite and it’s one of the unique successes in the s...


Don’t give it away for free

Many years ago, I did income tax returns for a flat fee. It didn’t become the success that I thoug...


The Problem With Multiple Loans

When drafting new 401(k) plans, I always recommend allowing for a loan provision. I know there are q...


These Hollywood sex abuse scandals shouldn’t shock you

The daily news of someone well known in entertainment or media being outed for allegedly perpetratin...


What Were They Thinking #41 Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy Isn’t A Best Buy

Guns N’ Roses was one of the most successful rock groups in the late 1980’s and early 1990s. Unf...