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When The Fiduciary Warranty is Dangerous

I don’t pull any punches, so I have certainly written many articles about plan providers issuing s...


Redemption only goes so far

My great Uncle Jack was the youngest of 4 children. He followed Herschel, Zoltan, and my grandmother...


Don’t show clients you don’t care

It’s one of the greatest lines in a movie and even my 11-year-old daughter knows it. Harrison Ford...


Home Depot is the next 401(k) lawsuit target

The company that told us we can do home improvement by ourselves might not have been able to properl...


Always Be Watching

Who can forget Alec Baldwin’s speech in Glengarry Glenn Ross on how salesmen should “Always Be C...


I’m only superstitious about the Mets

When I was younger, I used to be superstitious. For example, in college, I had a lucky shirt. It was...


Dealing with potential clients that are married to the ball and chain

How many times as a retirement plan provider that you contact a retirement plan that is paying too m...


Avoid those who always sell to plan sponsors

When I was a kid, there were two varieties of Cheerios, one version of Listerine, and one type of Cr...


What Were They Thinking #50 the AOL-Time Warner Merger

There have been so many bad mergers in corporate history, but there is probably no worse corporate m...


Ary’s Gems #1: Airplane!

This is the first of hopefully (depending on continuing advertising support) of many articles on som...