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What Were They Thinking #45 Where’s Herb? Who Cares?

The 1980’s were a very competitive time for fast food restaurants. Wendy’s caught lightning in a...


New Survey Shows 401(k) Participation and Contributions Rising

Plan Sponsor Council of America (PCSA) released their latest survey that showed growth in participat...


Plan Provider to make restitution for fake loans

The agreement and anticipated future payments are expected to compensate the retirement plans fully ...


Never leave a bad taste in the mouth of the one who brings you business

I was working with an advisor recently, who had issues with one of those third party administrators ...


Get that late 5500 filed

  I used to have this recurring dream that I was back in college and it was my last semester. T...


What Were They Thinking #44 Target fails in Canada

It should have made complete sense, Target expanding in Canada and bring their store format to the G...


What Were They Thinking #43 Chico and the Man goes on after the death of Freddie Prinze

There is the old adage that the show must go on, but there are times that the show should just end b...


Hardship Provisions Will Change

As part of the budget agreemenent signed By President trump on Februray 9, some additional provision...


New Book Released

My latest book, The Great 401(k) Book Sequel Ever is available on The Kindle version can...


You only get one chance on the trust issue

Trust is a very important thing to me. If I can’t trust people, I really don’t need them. The re...