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Sam Adams got too big

When I was in college, bad beer was the big thing because it was inexpensive and college kids didnâ€...


Just Tell Them Straight

One of the big parts of my practice is assisting third party administrators (TPAs) who cant or donâ€...


Ascensus is becoming a big time player

The first job I had was working as an ERISA attorney for a small law firm that was affiliated with a...


What Were They Thinking #24 Sony gets even with a new format war

They often say that those who forget history are soon doomed to repeat it. Those in the electronics ...


Being Outspoken Will Cost You

I always say that plan providers need to stand out in the crowd. I follow my own advice and that’s...


Plan sponsors needs to keep record of all plan amendments

I didn’t have such a wonderful time at law school because I felt the administration and much of th...


Wonder Woman: DC get it right

I’m still a Marvel guy at heart, but I do like DC superheroes like Batman and Flash. Yet when it c...


Be Careful Who You Attack On The Way Up

I worked at a number of places in the 11 years before I started my own law firm practice and I will ...


“Experience” means lots of things

I always talk about how plan sponsors need to work with experienced financial advisors, third party ...


Don’t gyp employees on retirement plans

As I’ve stated before, I wouldn’t hire employees because I was an employee once too. That pretty...