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There has to be a better way than 10/15

I hate to do things last minute. I passed three different state bar exams and I never studied the da...


Fidelity sued again over their 401(k) plan

  I have always been concerned about the use of proprietary funds, especially belong to mutual ...


The Problem of the inefficient plan design

When you start fixing up the house (for me, a never-ending battle) and replacing appliances or items...


That Sal The Stockbroker Event

The idea of That 401(k) Conference is based on creating memorable events and it probably can trace i...


Is University 403(b) plans the Dien Ben Phu of ERISA litigation?

Casino is an underrated movie and it had a great line on the poster that said: “no one stays on to...


VCP Program to go paperless

I hate paper, I really do especially when I can do thing paperless by going online.   The Inter...


What Were They Thinking #54 WWE honors a murderer

For a very long time, the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) had to deal with the death of a handfu...


Howard Stern isn’t really great at interviewing

I have been a fan of Howard Stern for over 35 years, going back to the days of afternoon drive time ...


Advisors Need To Look Beyond The 401(k)

Too often brokers and financial advisors think about their client’s retirement plan needs and only...


That 401(k) Podcast is available

Around 3 episodes of That 401(k) Podcast is available for free on Podbean (https://that401kpodcast.p...