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South Park is still great

When I started my final year of education at Boston University School of Law for my tax LLM degree, a cartoon premiered on Cartoon Network about children at a school that was clearly aimed towards adults.

South Park took off from the get go. The show became a smash hit and sold a ton of merchandise. A smash movie with one of the funniest soundtracks and also served as an ode to musicals premiered in 1999 to great reviews and a nice sized box office. It’s hard to believe like The Simpsons, South Park is still on the air and celebrating its 20th season.

I started watching again after a 15-year sabbatical because life, work, and family got in the way and I also never owned a DVR. I started watching again after seeing some reviews of the show in anticipation of the 20th season. Like The Simpsons, the show isn’t the same show as it premiered. To last so long, a show has to evolve and a show that was about seeing how gross they could be has developed in such an indictment over the world today. While the show may have a Libertarian bent, it’s a biting criticism over the politically correct world we live in.

I recommend anyone with a good sense of humor to consider revisiting the kids of South Park, you’ll be glad you did.

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