Too much TV, too little time

I remember at the turn of this Millennium and how I found this red flyer about something called Netflix when I purchased my first DVD player. I got a Netflix subscription because it’s DVD rental library was limitless and was able to watch films I could never see at any video rental store, the reason for Netflix was because despite a cable subscription with dozens of stations, there was nothing to watch.

Now with two older kids in 2016, I find that there is too much good TV and too little time. Netflix is now primarily a streaming service and while it offers steaming of some of my favorite classic shows like Emergency! And The Rockford Files, they have tons of original shows that are almost as good as anything offered on broadcast TV. House of Cards, Luke Cage, a Jessica Jones, and Narcos are just some of the shows available to stream and I just find that there is too little time to watch everything. I have an Amazon Prime account and I still haven’t watched Transparency. Thanks to streaming on my Apple TV, I can watch network shows I missed for the week like Designated Survivor and Gotham. The only problem is that there are a dozen of shows that look great that I just don’t have time for, like Veep. I barely have enough time to watch the games on my NBA League Pass and MLB streaming package,

Even with the kids older and the practice growing, I still barely have enough time to keep current and you have to make sacrifices like watching Luke Cage before I finished the second season of Daredevil. These are just the sacrifices you make for the life you live and there are just too many shows to watch.

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