Cubs-Indians World Series was one for the ages

The World Series that pitted the Chicago Cubs against the Cleveland Indians will be remembered as one of the greatest series of all time. Game 7 was epic, but I would tend to think that proclaiming the World Series the greatest of all time as some sort of hyperbole because of who played and that Game 7.

Having two teams to play where won didn’t win since 1948 and the other didn’t win when my grandfather was an infant in 1908 created a narrative where the Series couldn’t fail to deliver because of the stakes, someone’s history of frustration would be over and the other team would continue its heartbreak. As far as Series goes, aside from Game 7, there wasn’t this back and forth where you had no idea who was going to win a game. In terms of drama, I think the 2001 series between the Yankees and Diamondbacks, the 1997 series between the Marlins and Indians, and the 1991 series between the Twins and Braves were better World Series but our memories about them are detracted because we didn’t have both teams playing that captured the imagination of the country. I still contend that I try to forget any World Series that the Florida Marlins appeared in. While I love the 1986 World Series as a Mets fan, most games weren’t that competitive especially games 2, 3, and 4. It’s remembered for Buckner’s error despite the fact that people forget that the Red Sox were up 3-0 in Game 7.

I’m not going to impugn the Chicago Cubs and this amazing run that captured a World Series title that ended 108 years of heartache and 71 years of not even a World Series appearance. They are worthy champions and have a future Hall of Fame manager and general manager. That being said, saying it was the greatest World Series is hyperbole, saying it’s one of the most memorable and a classic is not.

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