Glad to miss another Black Friday

Until I was married, I never went out on Black Friday. My wife loves Black Friday and she likes the adrenaline of it, sort of like how some people love jumping out of airplanes.

I don’t like Black Friday because I don’t think shopping on Thanksgiving or early Friday morning is just worth it especially when online shopping usually matches the prices. For the past few years, I’ve been able to avoid Black Friday because we don’t need any new electronics and my kids are content with what’s out there for Chanukah gifts online.

I hate Black Friday because it feels like some sort of athletic competition or just a modern version of Supermarket Sweep when you’re hunting down values. When you’re at a Target, that’s a problem when you have such a large store and your product wish list has items from every corner of the store. The last big Black Friday for me was the Thanksgiving after Hurricane Sandy when our downstairs was destroyed and we needed to replace a lot of items.

As far as today, I don’t feel the need for anything. I never like the door buster TVs that are offered for sale and I won’t need one until one needs service. The Apple products they offer always lack the memory capacity I want and some of those big bargains aren’t real bargains when you check out the prices, I used to watch out for cheap Blu-rays, but now I just buy digital movies through ITunes.

I hate Black Fridays just because I hate interfering with one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving. It was OK waking up for a 5am open on Friday, but opening up on 6pm on Turkey Day is sacrilegious to me. I also don’t like to shop on a full stomach. So I thank online ordering for my cure to Black Fridays.

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