Good Marketing Can’t Mask Poor Customer Service

I’ve always been vocal about the need for a service provider to have good marketing if they really want to get ahead in the retirement plan business. While marketing is a great tool, what good marketing won’t do is hide poor customer service.

Best example is this childcare institution that I was using for 6 years. They had some fantastic marketing and I would always make it a point to give the daughter of the owner kudos for some of the stuff they were doing on social media.

So 5 years, there was never an issue that wasn’t resolved favorably. Year 6, I make some complaints about an employee. Instead of trying to see whether my complaints were justified or not, they did nothing other than send my complaining email to that employee who then proceeded to effectively mock my complaints. I complained again and again to the point where the daughter of the owner claimed that I was harassing her. I suppose complaining to someone who only wants to hear compliments is harassment. I come from the school where the customer is always right even when they’re wrong. There is a way to handle customers, ignoring them or stating they’re the problem isn’t a good way in retaining them.

Good marketing is really the sizzle, but you need the steak of good, quality service. Clients and potential clients will certainly pick it up that you’re marketing doesn’t justify the lack of competency in your costumer service.

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