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Setting the tone

I’ve been involved with so many small organizations both profit and non-profit in one form or another as employee, officer, or client. The one thing that is consistent with each organization is that the leadership sets the tone. The culture of the place is dependent on how the leaders set it as to what kind of organization it is. People learn from the top and they will take their cue from their leaders.

Whether an organization is wonderful or whether the employees will stab in each other in back can trace its steps to the acts of their leaders. So that means that if you’re a plan provider and you’re in charge, you’re the one is essentially going to be the one responsible on what that organization will stand for in the marketplace.

You need to stand for professionalism, respect, and openness for your clients and your employees. Dysfunctional organizations have one thing in common: dysfunctional leadership. One of my favorite sports figures was Al Davis whose Oakland-Los Angeles-Oakland Raiders had the motto: “Commitment to Excellence”. While this is the first time that the Raiders have made the playoffs since 2002, the motto still resonates. You need to make sure that your organization has a commitment to excellence and a dedication and respect for your clients and employees. Anything short of that isn’t good for business.

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