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Always Do The Right Thing

You could always lament in your life about the decisions you made or the decisions you should have made, but that isn’t going to change anyway.

With my own practice and my own career as an ERISA attorney, there are bad decisions I made and there are decisions that I didn’t have to make that did me well. Life can be half empty and it can be half full at the same time, but trying to second-guess what decisions you made, will change nothing.

What you should never digress from is always doing the right thing. There have been many people in life who have made fortunes by cutting corners and not doing the right thing by clients. It’s like when my kids tell me about other 10-11 year olds with phones and wearing makeup. You can’t worry what everyone else is doing, you have to be only concerned with what you’re doing.

The most important thing as a retirement plan provider isn’t your salary; it’s your reputation. When you cut corners and rip off people, they always find out. Always.

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