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It’s all in the trailer

When I watch movies, one of my favorite parts is the upcoming attractions/trailers. While you’re waiting to watch a movie in a theater, it’s great to see what’s coming soon to a theater near me. My friend Ron and I would venture to the Pentagon City mall in Virginia during my time at law school and we’d watch the trailers. When Ron thought he saw an awful trailer, he’s say “Survey Says” and then make the strike sound from Family Feud.

It was funny, but Ron had a point. If a trailer was awful, there was no point in seeing this movie. Trailers these days are usually a good sign whether a movie is good or bad. We’ve come a long from that awful Star Wars teaser trailer from 1976, so bad trailers aren’t made for good movies.

Perfect example of a bad trailer being a clearly bad movie? Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Every trailer was bad. Maybe it was the poorly cast Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, but there was something not right with the trailer and then the movie. The Force Awakens trailers were so good, even the teaser trailer and that means I had to wait a year to see the film. Guardian of the Galaxy Volume 2 looks good, so does the next Spiderman movie. I have no hope for Wonder Woman. I want to see Dunkirk and I don’t want to see The Great Wall.

Next time you see a bad trailer and then see the movie, tell me whether I’m wrong.

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