That award for that Plan Provider might have been bought

When you’re being approached by a plan provider who wants you to be their client, there maybe the opportunity for them to highlight their expertise and experience. They may show you some of the awards and a collection of all these commendations they’ve received. The problem is that some of these awards were actually bought and paid for.

For the last few months, I’d get requests from a British company that wants t give me some award as law firm of the year or something else like that. The beauty is they want me to pay for the privilege of the award. The cost is in pounds sterling, so I don’t know if being named in a publication owned by a British country is going to help me all that much across the pond.

The point is that there are many awards that are real and there are some that are bought. Don’t be overwhelmed by awards; be overwhelmed by experience, professionalism, and reasonableness of fees

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