Show Plan Sponsors it doesn’t have to be that way

Have you ever been a customer of a service and then you switch to another provider and you’re astounded how great the new service is and you wonder why you couldn’t have heard about the new services years earlier? I get that every now and then especially when in the past year; I’ve made changes to some of my service providers for my home and my family. Sometimes, the grass is greener.

For plan sponsors how are using plan providers that are giving them services that may not be reasonable prices or are so bare bones, it’s important to have the conversation with the potential client that your services are something they should have been wanting for years. It’s like the difference between black and white and color TV or the switch to high speed internet from phone modem internet.

Plan sponsors don’t know what life can be with a plethora of features and technology that can make their lives better in terms of making their job easier and stress free with reduced potential liability. So start the conversation.

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