Get your clients over the fear of ERISA attorneys

People hate dentists. I get it, having gone years at times without getting a checkup. Since I take care of my teeth, cavities weren’t a problem. I just hated the whole scaling process and the x-rays where I was gagging by shoving film in my mouth.

Plan sponsors have the fear of ERISA attorneys and the reason why is the unlimited power to bill by the hour.  ERISA attorneys that work at larger firms have a propensity to bill a lot because of the economies of law firms with large overhead. That’s why I flat fee bill almost everything I do.

Aside from the quick commercial about my firm and reasonable fees, the other reason that plan sponsors should get over the fear of ERISA attorneys because of the trouble that ERISA attorneys get plan sponsors out of by helping them maintain the tax qualification of the Plan and complying with ERISA. Too often plan sponsors call ERISA attorneys when it’s just too late to avoid penalties and sanctions.

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