The Last Jedi trailer drops and everyone is a Star Wars expert

Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer was finally released during Star Wars Celebration. It was a nice trailer, but certainly lacked the magic of The Force Awakens, but that was a sequel all of us Star Wars fans have been pining away for 30+ years.

The Last Jedi trailer certainly raises some questions about the Jedi Order and Rey’s apparent training to be a Jedi, yet everyone who claims to be a Star Wars expert claims to know what the meaning of the trailer means. They claim Luke will live or die, Luke will go to the dark side or a little grey. It’s just a regurgitation of the questions surrounding The Force Awakens trailers and how most fans were off target as to what that movie was about.

I say enjoy the trailer and enjoy the second trailer that may add some depth to the conjecture and we’ll see how everyone was wrong about that too.

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