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Welcoming the New Client

As you know, I’ve been a member of a few Synagogues because I’m a wandering Jew and the thing I’ve noticed is the usual coldness I’d get when joining. Aside from the last synagogue I joined last year (hopefully, the last one I’ll ever enjoy), there were several people who called and dropped of welcome packages to welcome my family to the synagogue. I got a call from the Rabbi to meet. The other places, it felt like they just wanted me for the dues.

So when a plan sponsors joins your roster of clients, the best thing to do is make them feel welcome. So much of what happens in life is based on feelings, the way we affect the feeling of others goes a long way in whether we can maintain long-term relationships with people. That’s why empathy is one trait most people aren’t very good at and the experts of that trait can use that knowledge to further their business.

Plan sponsors have feelings too and they just want to feel they are more than just one number. Making them feel welcome from the get go is extremely important because my experience has shown that if you don’t get off the right foot with a new client, they are not a new client at all.

So once your salesperson closed the sale, send out some welcoming package to show that their addition to your client roster is well appreciated.

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