The Overselling of Services and they will find out

For a long time, I didn’t like to go to the dentist. It would be 4 years between cleanings and it was silly because I’m the guy who doesn’t have tooth issues because I don’t have a sweet tooth. My only issue is that I hate to floss.

So right before I got married, I decided to have my teeth cleaned because the tartar buildup was noticeable. I decided to finally use my employer provided dental insurance and get an appointment. I choose a local dentist who took my plan.

The dental technician had my teeth cleaned and remove all the tartar. She then tried to push me for further scaling and that was something not covered by my insurance. I thought it was odd that she was trying to push a service that no dentist did before and not one did after.

A few weeks ago, there was a discussion about this dentist on a Facebook group and there were dozens of complaints from former patients how they felt they were constantly being oversold services not covered under insurance and actually being sold for services that should have been covered under insurance. The dental practice started to look like a mill for insurance abuse.
As plan providers, you may feel the need to sell further services. That’s not wrong as long as those services are needed and not just an attempt to squeeze another nickel from clients. Don’t nickel and dime the clients, don’t charge for them for every little thing. Only charge what is necessary and never sell them something they don’t need. The reason is because it eventually they’ll find out you’ve been taking them for a ride.

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