Judge signs exclusive deal with Fanatics, he needs to start hitting again to make this deal work for them

Yankees star Aaron Judge broke ranks with what most Yankee superstars do and spurned Steiner Sports to sign an exclusive deal with Fanatics.

Terms weren’t disclosed, but the fact that Fanatics is charging $350 for a $400 hat, and $600 a bath means Aaron Judge is making some serious shekels. Now that Aaron’s bat has cooled, my concern is that the Judge memorabilia market will cool down too and Fanatics may take a bath. Judge could be the next Mickey Mantle or the next Joe Charboneau, time will tell.

$350 for an 8×10 is ridiculous when you consider all the Hall of Fame greats you cn have signed for less. My thoughts on collecting autograph’s today is that collect for enjoyment because they aren’t likely to be valuable because of current players over signing over the years thanks to the booming sports memorabilia business. For example, the late Yogi Berra signed and signed, his autographs will always fetch low value while someone like Roberto Clemente will cost thousands.

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