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One From The Heart

The Dark Knight Rises is one of my favorite movies and one great scene at the end is when Catwoman tells Batman: “You don’t owe these people anymore. You’ve given them everything” and Batman says: “Not everything. Not yet.”

Whether it’s in my practice as an ERISA attorney, or a plan administrator, or working on this site, or working as the Vice President of a synagogue, I have given everything I have most of the time. So it’s disheartening at a time when I’ve seen people I’ve worked with who didn’t give it all. Dedication to what you do and dedication to your clients comes from the heart.

There was a plan provider once with two owners, one worked tirelessly for their clients and the other one didn’t and didn’t care when the business of providing for the client didn’t live up to the promises. The one who worked tirelessly did it from the heart and the other owner did it for the money.

You can’t go through the motions and you can’t fake it. You have to be dedicated to what you do for your clients and that dedication comes from the heart.

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