You Might Be The Plan Provider That They Don’t Need Right Now

When it comes to Super Hero movies, the best by far is The Dark Knight. It was a gripping drama with well-written characters that just happened to be about super heroes and villains. The movie is full of great, thought provoking lines. One great line that isn’t so well remembered as others is when Commissioner Gordon tells his son about Batman: “He’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.”

I’m sure as plan provider you’ve met potential plan clients and you thought being hired was a slam-dunk. Maybe the incumbent plan provider cost too much or didn’t do their job. Maybe the providers you were competing against didn’t have the experience you did. Yet when it came time to choosing a plan provider, you didn’t get picked and you’re in complete shock.

There are many situations in my life where I thought I was a great asset as a person, as a relative, as a volunteer, as an employee, and a plan provider where I wasn’t what they needed at the time. I understood at those situations is that while it maybe clear to you, some people don’t understand what the clear choice is or there maybe an underlying reason why I wasn’t the chosen one. How many times did you compete against another plan provider and then you found out that they were either related to a decision maker or they were “juiced in”? Maybe the other plan provider developed a deeper connection with the decision maker even though you do a better job?

Whatever the reason is, don’t take it personally. These things happen and you can’t let it get to you because tomorrow is another day and there are enough plan sponsors who need a plan provider like you. So go back to doing what you do best.

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