Sometimes, they just want you to care

So many times a plan provider will make a mistake and there is a lack of communication with the plan sponsor. Quite honestly, I think the lack of communication is probably the one thing that annoys the plan sponsor client the most.


Everyone wants to be kept in the loop and the fact that there is a lack of communication is what is usually the most upsetting. People can take bad news, but they will be more upset if the one who had a role in the promulgation of bad news just doesn’t have the decency to be straight to the plan sponsor they wronged.


As I always say, the important relationships in my life that have ended are usually because of a lack of communication. Communication is such an integral part of putting an issue to rest. The lack of communication can make an error that much bigger in appearance. A good chunk of the time, plan sponsors can deal with the error, they just can’t deal with the lack of communications. Sometimes they just wish that the provider cared.

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