Why would you be affiliated with that?

As discussed in my newest book, “The Greatest 401(k) Book Sequel Ever”, I’m still amazed at my interaction with “renowned” ERISA fiduciary expert turned convicted thief Matt Hutcheson. It’s no a great episode in my career because I didn’t want my name to be in the same sentence with him. Yet I did.


So I’m surprised to hear of plan providers that may be affiliated with other plan providers where the principals have less than sterling reputations. An Aerosmith said it best in the B-Side “Don’t Get Mad, Get Even” (a message I support): “When you sleep with the dogs, you wake up with the fleas.” Your reputation is everything, so I think it’s an absolute mistake to be involved with other providers that will hurt your brand with that affiliation.


As I said in a book, you can build a reputation over a lifetime and lose it all in a minute.

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