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A Little Humor May Help

When I worked at that law firm, I always felt I was Al Czervik, the Rodney Dangerfield character from Caddyshack while the Managing Attorney was like Judge Elihu Smails or maybe Smails’ wife since the Managing Attorney was female. Regardless, I was always treated as if I didn’t belong. Didn’t matter if I brought in business or got my name quoted nationally or gave away U.S. Open tickets at Bethpage, the Managing Attorney didn’t like me.

They were so serious there. Like the Joker in The Dark Knight, I always wanted to know: “Why so serious?” If you read my blog posts and articles, besides the grammatical errors, you probably notice the humor. Maybe I’m a failed comedian, but comedy here and there is my way of making the audience more comfortable when they have to digest some dense topics like ERISA and 401(k).

You should never take yourself too seriously. You shouldn’t belittle what you do, but a little humor goes a long way in breaking down walls that might be placed up by an audience that feels they’re going to be bored with what you’re going to say in your role as a retirement plan provider.

Don’t operate your business as a retirement plan provider as a stuffy country club. Marketing materials and discussions tinged with a little humor is a great way of breaking down barriers with potential clients who view talking about retirement plans the same way they think about going to the dentist.


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