Don’t show clients you don’t care

It’s one of the greatest lines in a movie and even my 11-year-old daughter knows it. Harrison Ford playing Richard Kimble finds the gun that Federal Marshal Samuel Gerard played by Tommy Lee Jones dropped in The Fugitive. Gerard’s job is to track down Kimble. Kimble points the gun at Gerard and tells him he didn’t kill his wife. Gerard said he didn’t care because his job as a Marshal was to bring Kimble back into custody.


One of the biggest problems in dealing with clients is when they feel you don’t care. While I’ve never come across a plan provider who told their plan sponsor client they didn’t care, I’ve seen quite a few that let off an attitude that they didn’t care. Whether it’s the third party administrator that butchered compliance testing or the advisor who can’t bother to visit the client at all,  there are enough plan providers who show clients that they don’t care. Don’t be that provider, don’t ever give the perception that you don’t care about your clients.

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