Yes, they are still in business

I’ve seen the Great A&P go under and some other earth-shattering closings like Toys R Us and Blockbuster Video, yet there is still some businesses that amazingly are still in business. This article just mentions some stores I’m still surprised are still around.


Sears: It’s been dying for 10 years and might take another 10 years to die off. The business is dying because Eddie Lampert didn’t want to put a dime back in stores, scaring away customers. It also didn’t help that he was spinning off brands that made people shop at Sears like Lands’ End, Craftsman, and Kenmore.


Barnes and Noble: It’s amazing that with Amazon doing a great job of selling Kindles and books on a discount that Barnes and Noble is still in business. When I was a kid, Barnes and Noble would discount books and once they stopped, Amazon started underselling them. It’s just amazing that there is a clientele that will pay a premium for books when it’s cheaper at Amazon.


Staples: I used to be a loyal Staples shopper for business, but then I found everything cheaper at Amazon especially toner and mailers. The store by me is usually empty except when it’s pre-school shopping.


FYE: Everything is digital. Best Buy stopped selling CDs. People stopped buying DVDs when they can buy it digitally or stream it. Yet FYE is still in business.

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