My Opinion Shouldn’t Threaten You

Social media is an interesting dynamic, both in the positive and the negative. Thanks to social media, I’ve gone from an unknown associate attorney to a well, known national ERISA attorney.


One of the drawbacks I find in social media is the fact that many people just can’t handle the opinions of people they disagree with. A perfect example is my opinion regarding payroll provider third party administrators (TPAs). My opinion is that ADP and Paychex aren’t very good because they see TPA work as ancillary work to payroll and don’t have the attention to detail that any TPA needs.  It’s my opinion, not fact. It’s an opinion based on almost 20 years of experience. So it’s funny when you see people who work for a payroll provider TPA who feel the need to engage me and debate me. One time a plan sponsor who used one of these TPAs was trying to engage me in some sort of debate about my article and I had no interest. He thought his payroll provider TPA was doing a great job and I didn’t feel the need nor did I have the time to try to change his opinion.


My opinion is my opinion and it’s not going to be changed by someone who is debating me, I’m a Taurus as well.


I’m very opinionated and always have been and I’m sure that my opinions ruffle some people. I know that with the national conferences that don’t want to invite me.  But I’m too old to change and I think not being opinionated would take away my readership, which has always been a great base for referrals.


I think people trying to debate people they don’t agree with never works, especially when the opinions are based on reasonable facts. It’s wasted energy and in social media debates, often one side says something they’ll regret.


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