What Were They Thinking #56 Cheetos Lip Balm isn’t the taste you want

Companies with popular products, always crave a brand extension because it can create extra lines of revenue. That’s why you’ll have Oreo chocolate, Oreo cereal, and other baked goods. Yet sometimes, companies extend it to a product that is a bad idea such as Colgate Frozen Dinner meals.


A perfect example of where the product extension failed miserably was the introduction of Cheetos Lip Balm. While products such as Coca-Cola and Hershey’s can be successful with lip balm, somehow I don’t think a cheesy smelling corn puff is a smell I’d like to replicate on a lip.


Cheetos are a great snack even though it smells and it’s hard to get the orange stain on your fingers after eating. However, like eating an onion or garlic, it’s not a smell I’d like anywhere near my mouth. Needless to say, the product failed miserably after being introduced in 2005.


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