Speak up or it won’t get better


Many years ago, I was an associate at a law firm that worked with a third party administration (TPA) firm. One of the owners of the TPA was also the attorney who was my boss. During my single days, I had plenty of time and I learned how to play golf.  When one of our clients had a fundraising event, my boss looked far and wide to find employees who could play and he never asked me. I got ticked off about it, but I was being passive-aggressive by suggesting that I should attend.


When it comes to a plan provider, you also shouldn’t be passive-aggressive. If your plan provider isn’t cutting it or is doing something that annoys you, let them know. People aren’t mind readers and if you’re upset by their work, let them know, Let people have the opportunity to fix things by giving feedback when you’re not satisfied. Of course, if they’re doing a great job, let them know as well since compliments in this business are an appreciated rarity.


Things will never get better with a plan provider service if the plan provider doesn’t know that you’re not crazy about the work. So let them know before you quietly change plan providers without seeing if things could have improved.

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