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It Could Be You


Prior to starting my own law firm, I made many different employer changes over the years to the point that my position as the managing attorney of my own law firm is the longest time I’ve been employed at one place and that’s only 8 years.


Am I going to blame the employers I worked for? Sure, they were short in the Christmas bonus department and I thought they didn’t have any long-term vision, but the only common thread between these four employers was your truly. So rather than blaming them for that checkered employment history, the fault lies with me. Some birds aren’t meant to be caged and some people need to work on their own So rather than blame them someone else, it’s important to look within.


If you’re a narcissist, there is no point in reading your article because you’re always right (at least in your mind). If you’re like most of us, you may realize that if you have a pattern of client problems or employee problems or problems with working with other providers, it may make sense to look at yourself. When you look at what you do, you may realize some of the mistakes you made in developing and maintaining relationships. I’ve learned in life and in business, growing as a person is just as important, if not more than growing your business.


It’s difficult to look within and see if there is something wrong, but you need to do that if you have a pattern of behavior.


So if you’re consistently having a problem with people, maybe it’s not them and it’s actually you.


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