New Year’s Resolution should be a plan review


You know it’s all about New Year’s Resolutions when Target gets rid of the Christmas items and starts offering organization and cleaning supplies. The beginning of the year is about self-care and taking care of things that you either promised or finally have the time for.


For a plan sponsor, I think part of keeping a New Year’s resolution is getting your plan reviewed by an independent plan provider. I have a Retirement Plan Tune-Up legal plan review for $750 which can be paid from plan assets and other plan providers offer these type of reviews.


I think it’s important to discover errors before they become bigger and costlier to fix. I know mot plan sponsors don’t want to do it, but I find that getting things corrected before they become unavoidable plan problems is costlier and causes fewer headaches.


With time before your third-party administrator asks about the end of the plan year census information, it’s important to get a plan review because now it’s the season.

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