The problem with Facebook community newsgroups

I live on the south shore of Nassau County and I have been living in the same village since I moved from Brooklyn in 1997. I thought it was a lovely village for a long time until I started joining Facebook newsgroups from my village and seeing how crazy people are.


The problem with social media is that too many want their voices to be heard. Heck, you’re reading my diatribe. However, if I have a bad experience at a local establishment, I don’t need the local village know it and if I have a poor enough experience, I’ll let the establishment know first. If they don’t fix it, maybe then I could air my grievances. Yet, there are so many people in my village that want me to know how my favorite pizzeria treated them rudely and having gone there for 20 years, there have been some situations for me there that hasn’t been perfect.


There is also those moms who ask for medical advice from complete strangers and almost all of them with no medical license. There are enough medical resources on Google to figure out what I should so with a sick kid and there is something called urgent care as well.


There are also those people in my village who obviously have no life and feel threatened when someone expresses an opinion on a newsgroup that they don’t agree with. You can see some very wicked insult fights just because someone expressed an opinion that another person didn’t like. Facebook gives courage to people behind a keyboard that they wouldn’t have, saying something to another person’s face.


I read the newsgroups occasionally, but I rarely offer my opinion these days because I feel it’s walking on eggshells in the community. Listen, I had someone block and de-friend me on Facebook just because I wouldn’t vote for her friend for Fire Commissioner despite his 80% non-attendance at emergency calls.







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