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Ary’s Pick’em


When it comes to entertainment, there are some choices to make on what was better, so this is my two cents.


Godfather I vs II: The Godfather, except Part II comes close.


Van Halen with Roth vs. Hagar: David Lee Roth (does anyone prefer Gary Cherone?)


Superman I vs II: II, it has General Zod.


The two Darrens: Dick York vs Dick Sargent: York, by a mile. He had the face of an annoyed mortal husband.


Less Filling vs Tastes Great: Miller Lite is awful, but always pick beer on taste.


Henry Blake vs. Colonel Potter: Henry Blake.


Trapper John vs BJ: Trapper John.


Diane vs. Rebecca on Cheers: Rebecca.


Coke vs. Pepsi: Coke, but Diet Pepsi is far better than Diet Coke.


Addams Family vs. The Munsters: Addams Family.


McDonald’s vs. Burger King: I lived behind one in Brooklyn, so I say Burger King.


Chicago vs. New York Pizza: I’m from Brooklyn do you have to ask?

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