Cheers: one of the greatest shows ever

With my own practice, I do have little time to watch anything. It’s usually some wrestling, baseball, Survivor, and The Bold and The Beautiful: but not in that order. I have subscriptions to Netflix and Hulu that I rarely watch. Yet when iTunes offered me the entire Cheers library for $20, I couldn’t say no even though multipole streaming services have the series.


Cheers ran for 11 seasons between 1982 and 1993, I watched off an on when it was originally on. Missed a lot of the later seasons because of college (Thursday nights were party nights in college). When talking about the greatest comedies ever on TV, Cheers usually cracks the top 10, but I think it’s completely underrated. It reminds me of MASH where it lasted over 10 years with multiple cast changes, but a quality that was always there. Whether it was Shelley Long leaving or the death of Nicholas Colsasanto, the show always marched on and it was as funny in the last episode as the first. Maybe Seinfeld was funnier, but there was never any complaint that Cheers wasn’t good anymore and it had one of the greatest series finales as well (Seinfeld suffers on both parts).


So I’ve been plowing through some of the episodes whenever I have some free time. Comedies today can’t come close to the characters, plots, and jokes. Sure, a show like The Big Bang Theory lasted longer than Cheers, but who is going to remember that show as a comedy classic. Cheers is still an icon, 26 years after it left the air. It does help that the exteriors of Cheers is a working pub (and serves some good food) and it spawned q successful spinoff in Frasier.


So if you have some free time, check in with Cheers, still as funny as I remember.

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