Don’t let consolidation scare the life out of you


When I travel to a stadium or a game, I’m a beer snob and I will walk around to find a beer that isn’t Bud, Coors, or Miller, or even Blue Moon. I always like to use beer as an example when it comes to the retirement plan business because there is a connection there,


So when you think of the beer industry, the big did get bigger. InBev merged with Anheuser Busch and Miller merged with Coors and Molson. A company like Samuel Adams or Yuengling didn’t decide that with these large beer manufacturers (not even considering the microbreweries that these major brewers own), that they should go out of business. Small craft brewers still had a place in the marketplace. There are still customers who want quality beer even if the masters want Bud Light and Coors.


The same can be said of the retirement plan business. While a few third party administrators and plan providers are buying up the world. There is still space on the shelf for your services, it’s all going to be about how you can differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

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