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It’s a question of intent

I live in an unincorporated village on Long Island and I’m always amused by the people who want to lead the community without the best of good intentions. There are so many who do charity fundraising for the community and there are those who only do for the sake of doing business for themselves. They will get involved as long there is something that the community can do for them. This isn’t unique to my village; I have seen this behavior with my former synagogue. there are people who come with the best of intentions and there are those who do not,


There is nothing wrong with getting involved in charitable endeavors. I think there is something wrong if you do to get direct business. Sure, charitable work is a great thing to highlight your services because it gives potential clients and spheres of influence that there is something more to you than making a buck.


The issue for me is whether you’re in it for the right reasons and sees that the organization is there as a platform to sell directly to those who are also involved in that charitable organization or to that organization itself. That’s what I have a problem with.

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