They won’t tell you why they’re pissed


I was very outspoken in law school, complaining some of the injustices and hypocrisy that went on. I think there were some in the faculty and in the student body that thought that I was just an army of one disgruntled student. I always insisted that I spoke for a silent majority of students who weren’t happy, but just didn’t want to rock the boat.


Years later, on Facebook and through various reunions, I realize that I was speaking for the silent majority, almost all who haven’t contributed a nickel to the law school.


When it comes to clients and employees, they may be unhappy and chances are that you will never know that until they leave. Even when they do leave, you may not understand how unhappy they were because many people are passive aggressive and other people just want to avoid the confrontation. As I always say, happy clients and employees never leave and clearly, if they do, there has to be some level of dissatisfaction. Just because they don’t tell they’re unhappy doesn’t mean they weren’t unhappy.

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