The MLB in Florida hasn’t been a success


Major League Baseball already announced the 2020 schedule and they’ve announced that Miami Marlins will be hosting the New York Mets in San Juan. The stadium there only has about 20,000 seats, but when average attendance in Miami is just above 10,000, San Juan will have more of a crowd.


Major League Baseball came to Florida for a full season when the Florida Marlins started playing and they were joined by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in 1998. It’s safe to say that the MLB ion Florida has been a mistake. I thought it was a little unfair that they got teams, considering all the Grapefruit/Spring training action in February and March. That’s a lot of baseball exhibition games when half the league plays there.


While I know the Rays have a bad stadium situation with Tropicana Field, you would think a good tea, competing for a wild card would draw more than 17,000 fans. We were also told that the Marlins needed a good stadium to compete and Marlins Park has only been drawing less than 11,000 per game, which means they will likely be the only team not to crack a million in attendance.


For some reason or another, Florida residents aren’t supporting their teams and there are enough major cities out there (Portland, Las Vegas, and Charlotte) that might be a better fit for Major League Baseball.

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