If you’re late with deferrals, it will probably happen again

People who are late are usually late most of the time. I’m usually always early for a meeting unless I severely misjudged traffic. I have a business partner who is almost always late, very rarely is he on time.


So I think that if you’re late in depositing salary deferrals once, you’re liable to do it again and again. It’s just a nature of life. Whether you are late once or multiple times, my rule of thumb is that you have to put a procedure in place to deal with late deposit of salary deferrals. Otherwise, you will likely have an epidemic of late deferrals, which won’t make the Department of Labor happy.


So consider that upon the first late deferral, you might do it again. That’s why you should a procedure in place to avoid further later deposits. If you implement a procedure and follow it, you’re likely not going to deposit deferrals late again.

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